Psychedelics 101

SECTION I: Psychedelics 101

1- Background: What are psychedelics?

2- Mental Health & Wellness Impact: What are the benefits of using psychedelics?

3- Opportunity: What is the Industry Valuation?

SECTION II: The History of Psychedelics

1- Primary Types of Psychedelics

2- Historical Significance

3- The Indigo Perspective

SECTION III: From the Regulatory Lens

1. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970

2. What about Ketamine?

SECTION IV: Will Psychedelics be Legalized?

1- Legalization vs. Decriminalization vs. Deprioritization

2- Activity Across the U.S.

3- What’s the path to legalization?

SECTION V: Who Are the Big Players?

1- Academics Institutions & Non-profit Organizations

2- Investors: Pouring Millions into the Industry

  1. GH Research ($1.01B)
  2. ATAI Life Sciences ($854.97M)
  3. Compass Pathways ($529.45M)
  4. MindMed ($409.69M)
  5. Cybin Inc. ($134.28M)
  6. Seelos Therapeutics ($84.05M)
  7. Field Trip Health ($82.63M)
  8. Enveric Biosciences ($15.79M)
  9. Bright Minds Biosciences ($15.35M)

3- Entrepreneurs: Bringing psychedelics to the masses

  • Mindbloom — Digital, clinician-prescribed ketamine therapy
  • Fluence — Educational platform that provides clinicians with professional certification and training in psychedelic therapy and psychedelic integration
  • MindLeap Health — Telehealth solution that connects people with mental health and psychedelic integration specialists to assist them on their mental health journey
  • Osmind — EHR solution for psychiatric and ketamine treatment

4- Big Pharma: Where do they fit in?

What’s Next?



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