With the rise of social media, and the emergence of documentaries such as Social Dilemma, we all become aware of the neurological mechanisms involved with technology.

While we do not know the long term effect, we start to understand how technology manages to keep us engaged, yet almost addicted. In that context, you probably heard about Dopamine : a chemical produced by our brains that plays a key role in motivating behavior, and the formation of Habits.


To fully understand Dopamine we have to understand how our brain works.

In a nutshell, our brain consumes more than 20% of the…

The first part of this article briefly outlined the historical framework for the ensuing discussion. Now we would like to draw a few guidelines to sustain the reflection in order to support the emergence of the current humanist mindful movement.

Bear in mind that this exercise is neither a moral judgment nor an omen for the future but carries an alternative perspective that does not exclude an optimistic vision. It is within this framework that we have entered the next chapter.

  1. France’s position of influence in the World has evolved

France is not holding the same position as she was…

A collective Awakening Movement is growing around the world. Mindfulness, meditation, empathy, love, spirituality have become commonplace words in our vocabulary. Yet, history already witnessed humanist movements, grew up and disappeared because they failed to leverage the eagerness and actually shift the existing paradigm.

These movements include the Vander Vogels initiated in Germany in the 1920s (of which Hermann Hesse was one of the prominent thinkers) which underpinned the hippie movement of the 1960s and more recently the rise of the environmental consciousness of the 1990s.

Whilst calling for radical systemic changes, these movements happened to have little long-lasting effects…


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